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What is liquid pouch packing machine?

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According to different kinds of food, liquid pouch machine can be classified as three types, which are regular pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine.



Definition and Classification

Liquid pouch packing machine is a kind of equipment for packing liquid food, such as beverage filling machine, dairy food filling machine, viscous liquid food packing machine, liquid cleaning products and personal care products packing machine etc. For liquid food like soy sauce, vinegar, juice and milk, we use 0.08-millimeter polyethylene membrane to pack, which will be sterilized by ultraviolet rays before the packing process that includes pouch forming and making, quantitative filling, lettering, seal cutting etc.


The three types of liquid pouch, which are regular pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine, are used under different conditions. Regular pressure filling is filling by liquid weight at atmospheric pressure, so it is only applied for low-viscosity liquid without gas like milk, wine. Besides, it is classified as two types, which are timed filling and constant volume filling. Pressure filling is filling above atmospheric pressure, also being classified as two types. One is isotonic filling, which means filling by liquid weight because the pressure in liquid container and the bottle are same. The other one is that the pressure in liquid container is higher than that in the bottle, so liquid is filling by pressure differentials. Additionally, this method is mostly used in high-speed production and applied for filling gas liquid like beer, sodas, champagne. Vacuum filling is filling below atmospheric pressure.



19. liquid pouch packing machine

Technical Parameters

Packing Speed(bag/min): 1500-2000 bags/h

Upper Membrane Wide: 393mm

Lower Membrane Wide: 422mm

Vacuum Degree: ≤220Pa

Compressed Air:≥0.6MPa

Cooling Water:≥0.15MPa 

Power: 12kW

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Dimension(mm): 5300(L)×950(W)×1860(H)





Liquid pouch packing machine is made of stainless steel. Quantitative liquid is filling by high-level balance tank or self-suction pumps. Besides, the pouch size, weight, seal cutting temperature can be adjusted conveniently and precisely. Additionally, manufacturing date printing, edge sealing, back sealing and photoelectric tracking can all be implemented.  



Dos and Don’ts

Because of the varieties of liquid pouch packing machine, there are many different types and forms. Among them, those applying for liquid food have more requirements. Asepsis, clean, and safe are basic for liquid food pouch packing machine.


1. Check the surrounding environment first before opening the machine;

2. Body, hands and head are prohibited from approaching to operation sections;

3. Hands and tools are prohibited from getting into sealing knife base;

4. Frequently pressing the buttons and changing parameters are prohibited;

5. High-speed and long-time operation is prohibited;

6. Two or more persons operate the machine are prohibited; and the machine should be powered off during the maintenance, and all workers should well coordinate with each other so as to prevent accidents.

7. Workers who are tired or after drinking should not operate or maintain the machine.

8. Untrained and not qualified workers should not operate the machine. 

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