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What is sauce filling equipment?

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Canned tomato sauce is a regular treat that many people preparing at home. Because the tomato sauce is sealed in a jar, it can be preserved for a long time. This food-specific sealed jar requires the use of a mixer filling machine for filling and sealing operation.


A filling machine is a kind of machine that can both fill and seal, which can be widely used to package products in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Common filling machines in the market include powder filling machines, oil filling machines, and automatic capsule filling machines. In addition, according to the operation mode, the filling machine can also be divided into the fully automatic filling machine and the semi-automatic filling machine. Our company produces the fully automatic mixer filling machine, which is a machine that can complete the production of mixer filling and sealing independently by just starting the program.

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Working Principle of Mixing Sauce Filling Equipment.

The filling machine is a complex mechanical control device. Its whole working principle is as follows. First of all, after starting the filling machine, the containers on the machine operator's table will run together with the transfer device. And then, the automatic filling device fills the processed mixes into the packaging containers. After the filling is completed, the automatic mixer filling machine usually extracts the air from the packaging container through the vacuum pumping device, laying the foundation for the subsequent sealing of the food. Finally, the professional filling machine will use the photoelectric device to position the container for sealing operation. The whole operation process is done automatically by the equipment without human involvement, which can reduce bacterial contamination in the packaging process and provides a good guarantee for food safety production.



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The advantages of mixing and filling equipment.



1. High applicability.

Intelligent mixing and filling equipment can perform sealing operations on containers of different shapes. This is because each piece of machinery and equipment is equipped with an adjustable control system. After setting the basic parameters of the packaging, the equipment can automatically adjust the size of the seal according to the different shapes of the containers, to meet the sealing needs of different sizes of products.



2. Cost saving.

The intelligent filling machine is a fully automatic production machine. So the jam production plant will not need to be equipped with a lot of operating workers, saving a lot of labor costs.



3. High efficiency.

The smart filling machine come with a coding device, which can print the production date and production batch number on the processed products. This operation saves the time of separate and individual coding operations after the product has been packaged, making the whole production process more efficient.


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