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What is the Working Principle of Powder Packaging Machine?

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At present, there are two measurement methods for powder packaging machine in the market, one is volumetric type, the other is weighing type. The working principles of these two kinds of powder pouch packing machines are not the same, so they need to be introduced separately.



29-1-powder packaging machine

Volumetric Powder Packing Machine

The volumetric powder packing machine is used to control the volume of the filled material to achieve quantitative filling. Screw type quantitative filling machine is one of the volumetric powder pouch packing machines. The advantages of this machine are simple structure, no weighing device, low cost and high filling efficiency. 


The disadvantage of screw type quantitative filling machine is that its filling accuracy will change with the change of material. The filling accuracy mainly depends on the stability of the material, the size of the material particles, the moisture absorption and loose degree of the material particles. Therefore, the main application object of volumetric filling machine is the material with uniform particle size, stable bulk density and good fluidity. There are two ways of measurement for the volume packaging machine. One is to control the filling volume by controlling the flow or time of the material to be filled, for example, by controlling the number of turns or time of the screw of the screw filling machine to control the volume of the filling material, by controlling the vibration time of the vibrating feeder to control the volume of the material, etc. The other is to use the same measuring container to realize quantitative filling of materials, such as measuring cylinder, measuring cup, etc.


No matter which way is adopted, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the bulk density of the filled materials as far as possible during the operation of the equipment. Therefore, in industry, people often use vibration, stirring, nitrogen filling or vacuum method to solve this problem. The powder filling and sealing machine with high filling accuracy is often equipped with automatic detection device to continuously detect the change of apparent specific gravity of materials, and then the powder pouch packing equipment will automatically adjust to ensure the accuracy of filling volume.  



29-2-small powder filling machine

Weighing Powder Packing Machine

The weighing powder packing machine can adjust the filling accuracy by controlling the weight of the material to be filled. Compared with the volumetric powder packing machine, the structure of the machine is more complex, the cost is higher, and the production efficiency is lower. This machine is mainly suitable for materials with uneven particles, unstable bulk density and high price.


At present, there are three kinds of weighing components in automatic powder packing machine, one is mechanical lever scale, one is electronic scale, and the other is mechanical electronic combined scale. In addition, the filling mode of the machine can also be divided into single-stage filling and multi-stage feeding. In order to improve the filling speed of equipment, multi-stage filling mode is generally used. In order to improve the quantitative accuracy of the industrial powder packing machine, the material is usually weighed during filling. 

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