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What is the development of China's electronic weighing technology?

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Electronic weighing technology is one of the important foundations of modern weighing measurement and control system engineering. Because it has the characteristics of accurate and fast weighing, convenient reading, strong environmental adaptability, easy to combine with electronic computers to realize weighing measurement and process control automation, etc., which is widely used in industry and commerce, energy transportation, metallurgy and mining, light industry and food, medicine and health , Aerospace and other sectors. Do you know how China's electronic weighing technology has undergone development?



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The status quo of weighing technology of electronic scales in China

Among them, dynamic electronic railroad scales, electronic truck scales, electronic floor scales, electronic belt scales, electronic pricing scales, semi automatic weighing and filling machine, multihead weigher packing machine, small scale packaging machine, etc., are close to the level of similar products in industrialized countries. As far as the research and development of electronic weighing technology and electronic weighing products are concerned, we still have a big gap compared with developed countries in terms of basic theoretical research and product variety, function, stability and reliability. Especially for products with high technical content such as electronic quantitative packaging scales, electronic batching scales, and weighing port sorting scales in automatic weighing instruments, our gap is even greater. To this end, understand the development trends of electronic weighing technology and weighing and packing machines, understand new technologies, new materials, and new processes in the field of electronic weighing, and formulate plans, develop new products, and improve the technical level, process level and management level of the enterprise , which have a certain guiding role.



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The development trend of electronic weighing instruments

Electronic weighing instrument products are large in quantity and wide in variety, ranging from universal electronic packaging scales of various specifications to large electronic weighing systems, from simple weighing and pricing to a measurement control unit of the production process detection system. Its application areas are Keep expanding. Since automatic weighing and packing machine involves both domestic and foreign trade settlement and the interests of consumers, it is a legal measurement instrument under mandatory state management. Countries all over the world attach great importance to the research, development and application of electronic weighing technology and weighing packing machine.


In recent exchanges in the international weighing industry, experts generally believe that the future market for weighing and bagging machines will be in Asia and China. The world's largest auto weighing filling and sealing machine market in the 21st century is in China. This will be an excellent opportunity for the development of our weighing instrument enterprises.


Weighing instrument enterprises should seize this great opportunity to advance supporting reforms, increase technical input, strengthen corporate management, and open up markets. Taking the improvement of manufacturing technology and manufacturing process level as a breakthrough, it mainly solves the key technologies and processes in electronic packing scale production such as the finalized design, production process, quality assurance, and reliability assessment of engineered products in electronic weighing instruments, and improves the mass production capacity. The nation's weighing instrument industry is on the track of healthy and sustainable development to welcome the era of great development of electronic weighing technology and electronic weighing industry in the 21st century.

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