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What is the development trend of packaging machinery?

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After the reform and opening up, the social demand for packaging machines continues to increase, coupled with the government's attention and support, China's packaging machinery has developed rapidly. A number of different types of packaging machines have appeared on the market. For example, the food packing machine is often used to pack foods, the liquid packing machine is often used to pack beverages and the plastic sealing machine is often used to seal the goods. After entering the 1990s, packaging machinery increased with a rate of more than 20%. And after 30 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry.



With the vigorous demand of packaging market, China's packaging machinery industry has also ushered in a good period of development. There are four directions of the development of China’s packaging equipment and machinery.


64.packaging machinery


1. Globalization

Globalization is a phenomenon of the 21st century and is the erasure of national borders for economic purposes. First of all, competition in the global market is intensifying. The packing machine price is much lower but the requirement of its quality is going to be higher. Many businesses at home and abroad are facing closure or have closed down under the pressure of market competition. Many products are facing obsolescence especially the hand sealing machine and hand packing machine because they are hard to operate.


Secondly, the rapid development of computer network technology has promoted the cooperation between competing enterprises, which will bring new hope to both sides. But all of these are based on competition, and will be developed to further increase international market competition.


2. Networking

The interaction between cooperation and competition has become the driving force for the development of global manufacturing industry. Network is the first prerequisite of global manufacturing technology. Only the integration of network communication technology can ensure the smooth development of manufacturing globalization. The use of network technology will solve the problems of packaging machinery industry in time and space. From product design to market analysis, we can get more convenient management based on network technology.



64-food packing machine

3. Virtualization

The application of virtual technology in product production is mainly embodied in two functions: inspection and simulation. The rationality of the design idea can be tested, in which can ensure the quality of the product production cost more accurately and avoid uncontrollable problems in the actual operation.



4. Automation

Compared to the traditional equipment, the automatic packing machine is more popular in the packing market. Fully automatic pouch packing machine is easier and safer to operate. At present, the research of automation is mainly reflected in the integration technology and system technology of manufacturing system, man-machine integrated manufacturing system, manufacturing cell technology, planning and scheduling of manufacturing process, flexible manufacturing technology and manufacturing environment adapting to modern production mode.



These are the directions of development of packaging machinery. And the packing machines in the future will satisfy the market's increasingly demands better. 

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