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What is the future of heat-shrinkable film packing machine?

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Because of the development of online shopping, express logistics has become the focus of public attention. New technology is applied to express service such as the automatic sorting equipment and the delivery robot. Even the package of the express delivery also has a new change, the direction to more green and environmental protection. The application of this type of heat packing machine is a great advance. Compared to traditional plastic packing machine, the Heat shrinkable packer can fully display the appearance of the goods and improve the product sales, increase the sense of beauty and value.



62-plastic sealing machine

The heat shrinkable film packaging machine is a secondary packaging machine used to beverage secondary packaging. It’s usually used after the plastic sealing machine. The secondary packaging of beverages refers to the packaging and sealing process after the bottling and sealing of beverages. Generally, there are two ways of packing and wrapping. As we all know, the current general beverage first packaging form has three kinds: metal cans, boxes or bottles (plastic or glass). As for the secondary packaging, cartoons can be used for it, and in this way, equipment like box sealing machine is needed. Beverage in plastic bottles, cartoons and cans can be packaged in a film wrapper and in this process a heat-shrinkable film wrapping machine should be used.



Compared with the two secondary packaging methods, the carton packaging can be applied to a wider range, and technology appeared earlier and more mature. This method of packaging is mainly designed for dealers, and the goods in this type packaging are for retail. But since the carton industry began to boom late last year and the packing machine price is high. So the price of raw materials has become a factor that many businesses have to consider. Although the scope of application of film packaging is narrow, and the thermal shrinkage film packaging machine appeared late, but the raw materials are mostly PE film, the price of it relatively cheap. And in face of consumers, beverage is usually used for whole bundled sale, so more and more beverage enterprises choose this way of packaging.


62.heat-shrinkable film packing machine


Shrinkage film packaging machine is usually used with the sleeve film sealing and cutting machine ,the packaged goods have a certain ability of anti-fouling and impact. Different beverage enterprises on the market have different requirements for beverage packaging bottles (cans). So the bottle packing machine and the jar sealing machine need to be adapted to market.



At present, we see not only transparent film packaging on the market, but also colored packaging film through the enterprise publicity picture printing, in this way not only improve the recognition of the product, but also improve the beauty of the packaging. This also put forward certain requirements for the accuracy of the heat-shrinkable film packaging machine. With the country's increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, how to adapt these packaging equipment and machinery to be more environmental-friendly is the focus in the future development.



With the price of cartons rising, it is the common demand of many food and beverage enterprises to find alternatives to secondary packaging. Heat shrinkable packaging as one of the alternatives, low price will be its biggest competitive advantage. From this point of view, the future of heat shrinkable film packaging machine is worth looking forward to.

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