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What is the industry standard for the safety of packaging machinery?

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Efficient production leads the rapid development of the economy, and safe machinery ensure a healthy and orderly production. In order to better serve customers and let customers know more about the industry standards of packaging machinery and equipment safety, professionals make a detailed analysis of the industry standards of packaging equipment and machinery safety. All the details are as follows.



65-hand packing machine

1. The product labels should be fixed in obvious parts of the used packaging machinery and the  main technical parameters for the normal operation should be marked on the equipment, such as rated current and voltage rated pressure and thermal temperature, etc.



2. Appropriate safety measures must be taken on the dangerous parts of blister packing machine that can cause personal harm. The relative moving parts, such as clamping and shearing, must ensure a safe distance between the moving parts to prevent the operator from being clipped or cut. Dangerous conveyors should be placed in the body of used packaging equipment as far as possible. Of cause the protective measures must be taken for the exposed parts, which will affect your personal safety. In addition, exposed positioning or protrusions on moving parts must be smooth or protected.



3. Automatic packing machinery should be equipped with safety switch,and you can press this switch in any emergency to avoid accidents. When the automated packaging equipment enters the motion state, it is necessary to remind the people around to leave the dangerous area in time. Packaging equipment for sale should be equipped with alarm device.



4. When it is dangerous for personnel to enter the work area, safety protection devices should be set up in the work area. When the protective device isolates the entire working area of the packaging automation equipment, the dangerous parts in the working area can not be provided with additional protective device.



5. The packing machinery, such as some big sealing machine, that needs to be operated or installed off the ground shall be equipped with a platform that meets the requirements of relevant standards, a ladder leading to the platform, a protective railing and other corresponding devices.


65.packaging machinery


6. The parts that may loose during the operation of the machine must have reliable measures to prevent loose especially the hand packing machine.


7. The safe operation mechanism of packaging machinery should be located in a position that is easy to operate and control by the operator.



8. For packaging machinery working in an inflammable and explosive environment, the packing machine and its electrical devices shall have reliable protective measures and conform to the relevant standards or regulations.



These are all the industry standards for the safety of packaging machinery and equipment.After reading all these details, I hope our analysis can bring related help for your safety production.

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