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What is the inevitable trend in food packaging industry?

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, consumer demand for products increased overnight. Packers will be asked to provide more food packaging pouches with pouch packing machines to meet this emerging trend. To increase productivity, more and more food processors are choosing to replace manual packaging with fully automated food packaging machines.



In the context of COVID-19, consumers need to purchase large quantities of food and beverages at once because of their long periods of isolated living at home. In addition, more consumers are choosing to stock up on excess ingredients at home due to fears about the global economic environment. The epidemic has created both a demand and supply shock.


To meet consumer demand, manufacturers had to keep rushing to meet the production. And this is where the inefficient manual packaging technique comes into play. On the one hand, the cost of manual packaging is very high; on the other hand, workers always feel tired after long hours working. To improve their production efficiency and maintain their advantages in the market, professional processors tend to equip their factories with fully automatic plastic sealing machines, such as fully automatic pouch sealing machines, fully automatic mini sealer machine, etc. As a piece of newborn equipment, automatic packaging machine has already played an important role in the packaging of drugs and food.


75-1-pouch packing machines

Automatic packaging machine usually consists of two parts: bag feeding machine and weighing machine. The working principle of the machine is to use an electronic program to control the robot, then the pre-made bags to pick up, open, and seal the work. At the same time, the automatic packaging is completed under the coordinated control of the microcomputer. The robotic hand replaces manual bagging, which not only can make bags more accurate, but also can effectively reduce pollution in the packaging process. This is ideal for small-size, high-volume automated packaging of food, spices, and other products.


Now more and more companies and manufacturers are willing to choose fully automatic pouch packaging machines. This is because although the price of an automatic packaging machine is higher than a semi-automatic packaging machine, it has a photoelectric detection system, which can detect the packaging situation at any time. This reduces the need for workers in packaging plants and lowers labor costs. Secondly, fully automatic packaging machines do not need to rest like people, which allows packaging processing plants to produce food packaging bags at any time of the day or night. Thus, it can effectively improve production efficiency and make more profit.


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