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What is the most popular equipment for packing the candies?

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Today’s candy wrapping machine usually use the vertical packing bag to wrap the candies. They are popular with consumers because of the convenience to use. Vertical packing machine are the perfect solution for home use for opening or unwrapping candy. Because you don't need another container to keep the candies. There are some advantages of the vertical sealing machine.



66-vertical packing machine

1. The ease of sharing and eating out snacks have both contributed to the popularity of using the vertical pouch packing machine that allow consumers to count or control how much candy they eat. Resealable bags also offer the small portions and portability which are big trends for consumers today. And small candy packaging machine is often used for these requirements.



2. The resealable bags of candies are more environmentally friendly and affordable for people. In the last year, the impact of the economic crisis has spurred the adoption of resealable zipper packaging technology,  with people spending less in favor of reusable packaging. For these reasons, the demand for the vertical packaging machine is also growing. On the other hand, although the economic depression,  people's awareness of consumption is growing. People pay more attention to the beauty of product packaging, self-standing zipper bags happen to have a good effect on the display of products. And automatic vertical packing machine are widely used to packing the candies, beverage, jelly, flavoring and other products.


66.equipment for packing the candies


3. The production cost of self-supporting packaging bag is also significantly lower than the packaging of hard boxes. Similarly, the vertical packing machine price is much lower than the price of carton packing machine. In addition, there are some inventive design elements, such as handles and laser drilling, all of which improve the appeal of vertical packing bags to consumers. This has also become an important reason for enterprises to pay more attention to vertical vacuum packing machine in recent years.



4. Vertical bags will extend the shelf life of products. For example, in the packaging material, we innovated to replace the middle spacer layer with paper, which is more fresh and gentle. In addition, whether open or not, vertical bag packaging products can be upright on the horizontal surface like bottles which can achieve a more three-dimensional effect for product to display.



The pouch was first invented by a European, M. LouisDoyen, and was widely recognized in the U.S. market in the 1990s, and then popularized around the world. In China, the vertical bags were widely used in candies and other snack food industries in the past two years. This requires candy and other snack food enterprises or packaging design companies to be good at and make more efforts in product style and printing, so as to make the product more unique.

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