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What packaging machine should the chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer factory choose?

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For the fertilizer industry, no matter whether you are an investor who needs to build a fertilizer plant or a fertilizer manufacturer who is looking for plastic packing machine, most people dare not say that they are very clear about the development of fertilizer plants and their career routes. In order to help you avoid detours, this article provides you with as much information as possible for reference.



4-1-plastic packing machine

Which equipment is best for fertilizer packaging?


Let me talk about the most important questions first. How do you know which equipment is best for fertilizer packaging? And what are the classifications of these fertilizer bag sealing machine? On this issue, we must follow the basic principle of "taking advantage of the trend". If we are not sure, it is best not to enter the market. The reason behind this is very simple. There are not many resources left for you. Those who have entered the industry early have already divided the cake almost, and those with vested interests will only keep raising the entry threshold.



What is automatic fertilizer packaging machine?


Automatic fertilizer polythene packing machine adopts advanced stainless steel weighing sensor, weighing control terminal, programmable controller technology and single bucket net weight measurement, which is a quantitative packaging equipment for granular materials. Chemical fertilizer packet sealing machine has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, strong environmental adaptability and good system reliability.



What is a double-station packaging machine?


Double-station packing machine is an upgraded version of ordinary powder packing machine. This machine mainly consists of four parts: automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device and computer control system. Dual-station automatic capsule filling machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, simple operation, fast weighing speed and accurate measurement. The packing speed is twice as high as that of the ordinary powder packing machine, which not only saves the labor cost, but also reduces the floor space and improves the output.



4-2-plastic packing machine

What are the characteristics of semi-automatic quantitative packaging machine for chemical fertilizer?


Semi-automatic quantitative continuous sealing machine for chemical fertilizer is suitable for automatic measurement of granular and flaky loose materials in grain, feed, fertilizer, chemical industry and other industries, and is usually applied to semi-automatic packaging lines with packaging specifications of 5~50kg. Generally, plastic woven bags and manual bagging are used to complete the semi-automatic packaging process through automatic bagging, metering, filling, bag dropping, conveying and manual auxiliary sewing.



Performance characteristics of semi-automatic quantitative packaging machine for chemical fertilizer:


1. Adopt high-precision sensor and high-intelligent weighing controller, which has high measurement precision and stable performance.


2. Large and small feeding, automatic correction of drop, automatic tracking of zero point, overshoot detection and suppression.


3. Self-detection function in simulation state can realize fault self-diagnosis and facilitate maintenance and overhaul.


4. Enforcement function in manual state. Once the automatic control process fails, as an emergency measure, the whole packaging process of plastic bag sealing machine near me can be completed manually without interrupting the packaging operation.


5. Automatic statistics of package number and package quantity of chemical fertilizer automatic quantitative plastic bag packing machine.


6. The brand pneumatic actuator is adopted, and the inlet and outlet pressure of the cylinder can be adjusted, which makes the polythene sealing machines work more reliable and pollution-free. Parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements, is corrosion resistant and has long service life.


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