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What should I do if the spiral packaging machine is easy to block material?

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The problems of high specific gravity, poor material fluidity and easy blocking are the most difficult but common problems of screw quantitative packaging machines on the market, and they are also a difficult point for many packaging machine equipment manufacturers in after-sales service; then how to solve these problems? Let us find the answer below.



83.spiral packaging machine.

Working principle of humic acid granule quantitative packaging machine

Screw type quantitative packaging machine can be divided into two types: half screw and full screw. The full screw can send materials directly into the packaging bag, which is mainly designed for materials with high specific gravity, poor fluidity, and relatively viscous materials.


The semi-screw packaging machine uses frequency conversion screw and auxiliary air to indirectly send materials into the packaging bag. It is mainly designed for 325 mesh to 2500 mesh with good fluidity and not easy to block materials. This screw-type packaging machine can also solve many difficult-to-pack material problems after a slight modification. For example, a material such as chrome oxide green can cause clogging during the packaging process, but this problem has been completely resolved after design modification.



83.spiral packaging machine

The advantages of 25-50 kg double spiral flour quantitative packaging machine configuration

(1) The 25-50 kg double spiral flour quantitative packaging machine adopts spiral forced feeding equipment according to the characteristics of powdery materials that are not easy to flow, and the signal transmission is stable to ensure the weighing accuracy;


(2) The machine is equipped with a bag tapping device to make the powdery materials not easy to fluffy. It is also equipped with a dust removal port, which can be installed with a dust removal device to keep the operating workshop in a dust-free state.


(3) The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, and it is very convenient to change the packaging varieties and clean up; various materials such as ultra-fine powder to large particles.


(4) The well-known pneumatic actuator is adopted, the inlet and outlet pressure of the cylinder are adjustable, and the work is more stable and reliable.


(5) 304 stainless steel is used for the parts in contact with materials, which meets the requirements of food hygiene. Anti-corrosion and extend the service life of equipment The main machine adopts fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding and special feeding auger structure.


(6) Advanced digital frequency conversion technology and sampling processing technology. And realize automatic error compensation and correction.


(7) The 25-50 kg double spiral flour quantitative packaging machine adopts a microcomputer control system. The feeding method is fast and slow two-stage electric feeding. It is easy to operate and has high yield efficiency. There are single scales and double scales to choose from.


(8) 25-50 kg double spiral flour quantitative packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular, mixed granular powder, strip, block, and other materials. Such as: quantitative filling and packaging of granular materials such as rice, fertilizer, feed, premix, melon seeds, peanuts, seeds, and grains.



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