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What will affect the production efficiency of powder and granule packaging machines?

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Whether it’s a weighing and packing machine or other types of machines, once a problem occurs, we need to carefully check where the problem occurs. We can try to use our ears to listen for air leaks or abnormal noises, or use our ears to smell special smells. Where did it come from. Because weighing packing machines are the same as humans, they need to be checked regularly, but generally there are some minor problems, and you can solve them quickly if you know how to deal with them.


Generally speaking, packaging machine, conveying system and palletizing system make up the automatic packing system. Conveying systems generally rarely have problems, while automatic weighing packing machines and palletizing systems are prone to problems. The following are some common problems of packaging machines and how to deal with them.

36-2-powder pouch packing machine

1. The data displayed on the weight scale is inaccurate

In the first step, you need to check the fine charging parameter setting on the display of the control cabinet. Generally, the parameter setting is about 2.1-2.5. If the coarse screw feeding of the electronic packaging scale does not work, it is usually a parameter to set too large or too small.


If it is not a parameter setting problem, then you need to proceed to the second step, you need to go to the particle filling machine platform, and then open the side box plate of the weighing hopper to check whether the air supply pipe of the cylinder and its joints are damaged. If the connector is damaged, it will be more troublesome to replace it because there are not too many suitable spare parts for the instrument. If the air supply pipe is damaged, you can hear the sound, just find a suitable type of air supply pipe and replace it. If the feed barrel is damaged, the sound is not obvious.


If it is not for the damage of the air supply pipe, joints, and feed barrel of the cylinder, you need to go to the third step to dry the material, because the material may be too wet in the pouch packing machine.


If the data on the weight scale is still inaccurate after the material is dried, there may be a problem with the electronic packing scale, because when the A and B scales are cut at the same time, the cutting accuracy of one of the scales will be affected. At this time, only need to open the A scale for maintenance, and then open the B scale next time.

36-3-powder pouch packing machine

2. The package falls off

The falling of the package will directly lead to the decrease of productivity. Therefore, once the falling of the package occurs, you need to turn off the weighing and sealing machine first, and then check whether the two rubber pads on the side of the main bag are damaged. If so, the direct assembler will stabilize the rubber pad or replace it with two new rubber pads. If there is no problem with the rubber pad, proceed to the second step to check whether the swing arm makes the bag straight.


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