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What will affect the speed of weighing and packing machine?

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With the development of social productivity, enterprises have a higher requirements for production efficiency. The demand for quantitative packing machine is more and more vigorous. So know what will affect the speed of it is benefit for you to choose one. Read the following article, you may get some useful information.



61-quantitative filling machine

The structure composition of the automatic weighing and packing machine


The pouch packing machine is mainly composed of storage bin emergency maintenance gate, feeding device, weighing device, sensor assembly, bag clamping device, support, electrical control cabinet, actuator of each device, conveying and sewing mechanism, etc.


Every device of the weighing and packing machine has his own purpose. For example, the storage bin is used for material storage, providing a nearly balanced material flow for the packaging process, which affects the measurement accuracy and speed of quantitative filling machine to a certain extent. And the emergency access gate is used to cut off materials during temporary maintenance. As for the feeding device, it is the main factor affecting the feeding accuracy and speed. The signal of material weight can be collected by the weighing device. The bag clamping device will complete the clamping work of the packing bag, so that the weighed material will give into the packing bag smoothly. The bracket provides a connecting backbone for each part. The stitching and conveying mechanism will complete the conveying and sewing of packaging bags. And the electrical control cabinet is the main control center of used packaging equipment, which can control and indicate the whole equipment.



61-weighing and packing machine

The factors affecting packing speed



1. The effect of the feeding device on the packing speed

Feeding time occupies quite a long time in the whole packaging cycle, and it is also the most important influence on the speed of the vacuum packing machine. Firstly, the feeding port should first meet the requirements of feeding quantity. Second, the actuator with higher speed should be selected.


2. Design of weighing device

When we design the weighing device, ensuring the stable and accurate transmission of the weight signal, and we should also try our best to consider a better limit structure to make the weighing hopper stable quickly and consider the vibration reduction measures, so as to shorten the time of stability determination, which will speed up the packaging equipment and machinery.


In the structural design of the weighing bucket, the structure of the weighing door directly affects the speed of unloading, so we should try to shorten the length of unloading door switch.


3. Design of software

In the aspect of software measures, Jianjun Han of put forward a great method. That is to introduce the concept of forbidden comparison test and group detection to speed up the pouch filling equipment. The prohibition of comparison is to to overcome the impact value after the end of the front feeding, and increase the front amount of feeding to improve the weighing speed. Grouping detection is the application of mathematical statistics and error analysis principle for random inspection of weighing data, which will save the packing time of automatic pouch packing machine.



Through the analysis of the above several aspects, we can see that the factors of the speed of automated packaging equipment are many. So our analysis should be based on different situations.

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