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Why Is It Important To Choose A Packaging Device?

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Usually, when the definition of waterproof differs from others, it can cause confusion. What is IP rating? The IP rating represents the level of protection against solid and liquid intrusion. The IP rating usually has two numbers. The first number represents the level of protection for solid materials and the second number represents the level of protection for liquids.


99 IP 2

The first number in the IP hierarchy is a number that describes the object's protection against solids, with 0 indicating no protection and 6 indicating maximum protection. The second number in the IP scale describes the level of protection for the liquid, with 0 indicating no protection and 9K indicating maximum protection. The others can describe additional information related to securing the attachment. This is optional and not often used.


Do you know the reason why is IP rating important? When filling machine manufacturers wish to provide IP ratings for their products, they must have them tested by independent certification companies. The company assigns a digital IP rating to the product to indicate its resistance to intrusions by solids and liquids.


Having a certified IP rating means packaging machines manufacturers can make product claims with confidence about the level of protection polythene packing machines can produce. It legitimizes the product and assures customers that they can determine whether the product meets their needs.


In addition, users of IP-grade devices are fully aware of their protection measures so they can work more safely and with less risk of injuring themselves or damaging their plastic packing machines.


99 IP 3

Here are some simple reference charts to help you determine which IP rating best suits your needs. Number one is solid particle protection. The first number indicates the level of protection provided by the enclosure against contact with hazardous parts and solid foreign bodies. The second digit is to prevent liquid from entering. The second number indicates the level of protection provided by the enclosure against harmful water.


Further letters may be attached providing additional information related to the protection of pouch filling equipment. Then, what IP levels are available on the packaging equipment?


In most packaging machines such as poly bag packaging machines, electrical and pneumatic enclosures are IP rated. These can be circuit boxes, cabinets, or any other enclosed structure that protects internal electrical and pneumatic components. For example, a packaging machine like a gunny bag packing machine requires an electrical box to hold all the electronic components. These cabinets will usually have one of the following IP ratings.


The type of IP grade required to package the equipment like pouch filling equipment casing will be determined after the machine manufacturer carefully evaluates your packaging environment, the performance of the product you are packaging, and your cleaning procedures.


When it comes to choosing the right packaging machine like a plastic theli packing machine for your needs, the IP rating of the enclosure is extremely important, especially in the food industry.


Particles produced when the product is in motion can cause serious damage to the exposed electrical and pneumatic parts of the packaging machinery. Dust control options can help reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air, but dust can still penetrate improperly sealed enclosures. For this type of environment, the waterproof enclosure is not that important so the liquid IP rating does not need to be that high.

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