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Why did I choose the small packaging machine?

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Small packet sealing machine is an automatic packaging equipment, which makes the plastic composite film with thermoplastic properties into packaging containers by heating and softening, and automatically completes the whole process of bag making machine, metering filling, sealing and shearing on one equipment. Such as tomato sauce, small bag milk powder, instant noodle seasoning and other small plastic sealing machine for sale. Today, too many foods are changed from manual packaging to quantitative small packaging. This is because when calculating the cost of the whole system, the net profit of small packaging is higher than that of large packaging products, because waste and loss will be greatly reduced. So what should you know before choosing a mini packing sealing machine?



10-1-air tight pouch packing machine

Advantages of small bag packaging machine:


1. The small powder packaging machine replaces the traditional manual packaging, which realizes the automation of product packaging production in enterprises, improves the production efficiency of enterprises and greatly reduces the product cost.


2. The bag sealing machine near me meets the hygienic standard of food processing machinery. Parts of the machine that come into contact with materials and packaging bags are processed with materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene to ensure food hygiene and safety.


3. The packing machine for plastic bags uses prefabricated packaging bags. The finished packaging bag has perfect pattern, good sealing quality and high grade.


4. Packaging bags have a wide range of applications. This small bag sealing machine can be used for prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite films, single-layer PE and PP.


5. The packaging range of poly pouch packing machines is wide. According to the packing materials, the packing of solid materials, liquids, sauces, powders, granules and other materials can be realized.


6. The electric control system of this small plastic bag packing machine adopts advanced Mitsubishi PLC with color POD, with friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation. The main motor is controlled by frequency conversion and speed regulation. In production, the frequency can be set at will within a certain range on the color POD according to actual needs.



10-2-air tight pouch packing machine

Tips for maintenance:


1. Regularly to the gear mesh, each oil hole and the moving parts filling oil lubrication, once per shift.


2. Oil-free operation of the reducer is strictly prohibited. After 40 hours of operation for the first time, the oil will be changed once every three months after operation. Lubricating oil is recommended, ambient temperature: -5℃-10℃, oil immersion lubrication: gear oil HL-20 or HJ-30 machine oil; Environmental temperature: 10℃-40℃, oil immersion lubrication: gear oil HL-30 or HJ-50 machine oil.


3. Clean the metering system of air tight pouch packing machine in time after shutdown to ensure the normal operation of the metering system. For packaging materials with high sugar content, such as granules, the metering disc and discharge door should be cleaned every shift. For vegetarian tablets with high starch content, the metering disc should be cleaned every shift to thoroughly remove powder. Clean the pump body and related parts, and add edible oil for lubrication.


4. Check the various parts of the screw, can not have loose phenomenon.


5. Keep the electric eye clean at any time to ensure reliable operation.


7. Electrical parts of the pouch bag machine should pay attention to waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, rat.

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