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Why packaging is so important?

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Packaging design is for the purpose of protecting the safety of commodity circulation, making it convenient for consumers to use, and promoting the sale of commodities. It adopts reasonable materials, shapes, structures, text, graphics and colors through bag packing machine, vacuum packing machine or blister packing machine, etc. The process of creating a packaging entity is a combination of art and technology. What is the importance of packaging? Let's take a look together.



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Importance of packaging

1. Protecting goods: Protecting goods is one of the important functions of product packaging. In the process of circulation, products may be affected by various external factors, causing damage, pollution, leakage or deterioration of the product. Scientific and reasonable packaging can make the product resist the destruction of various external factors. The use of high-quality packaging machines can improve packaging quality, such as continuous sealing machine, automatic weighing filling machine, liquid packing machine, etc.


2. Easy to circulate: packaging provides conditions and convenience for product circulation. The products are packaged in a certain quantity, shape, specification, size and different containers, and various signs are usually printed on the outside of the product packaging, reflecting the name, quantity, specification, color of the packaged object, and the volume of the overall package. Gross weight, net weight, factory name, factory address, and precautions during storage and transportation, etc., this is not only conducive to the distribution of commodities, counting and counting, but also conducive to the effect of storage and transportation, and improve the economic benefits of products.


3. Promotion of sales: exquisite product packaging can play a role in beautifying products, promoting products and promoting sales. Packaging can not only improve the market competitiveness of products, but also attract customers with its novel and unique artistic charm, guide consumption, and promote consumers to purchase.


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4. Convenient consumption: The packaging varies with different products, which is convenient for consumers to carry, store and use. The drawings, trademarks, and text descriptions on the packaging are not only convenient for consumers to identify, but also introduce the composition, nature, purpose, use and storage methods of the goods, and play a role in facilitating and guiding consumption.


5. Cost saving: Reasonable packaging can integrate scattered commodities in a certain amount, which greatly increases the loading capacity and facilitates loading and unloading and transportation, and can save transportation and storage costs. Some packaging can also be recycled multiple times, saving packaging materials and the production of packaging containers, which is conducive to reducing costs and improving economic benefits.


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