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You may want to know about small bag powder packaging machine

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With the development of science and technology, machines have gradually replaced labor. The full-automatic plastic bag packaging machine for small bag powder is suitable for the full-automatic metering packaging of all kinds of powder with uniform fine particles and non-sticky powder materials (bio-fertilizer, feed, additives, milk powder, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc.). Pouch making machines can automatically complete the whole packaging process such as feeding, metering, bag making, packaging, sealing, printing and counting, and is equipped with automatic material level control, and can be equipped with dust collection devices and weight sorting machines, etc. automatic bag sealing machine for small bag powder is widely used in food, medicine, feed, veterinary medicine, chemical industry, additive, desiccant and many other industries.


The whole standing pouch sealing machine is designed to meet GMP standard, and the unit is composed of four parts: metering machine, filling machine, elevator and conveyor. The packaging production equipment has accumulated many successful technical experiences in the automatic packaging industry, and has been continuously improved and updated by drawing valuable opinions and suggestions from a large number of users. The automatic bag packing machine for small bag powder has the advantages of high metering precision, fast packaging speed and no powder dust pollution, smooth sealing without powder, beautiful bag shape, etc. Of course, bag packaging machine can also be equipped with exhaust, punching and other devices to realize the automatic production of bags. Recyclable dust removal system can be equipped for materials easy to dust.



7-1-plastic bag packaging machine



1. Powder seasoning: three-sided sealing, four-sided sealing and back-sealed packaging of seasoning powder, pepper powder, Chili powder, intermediate powder, spiced powder, essence powder, chicken essence powder, sugar powder, etc.


2. Powder drinks: soybean milk powder, lotus root powder, coffee powder, walnut powder, wheat germ powder, protein powder, deep sea fish protein powder, collagen powder almond powder, buckwheat powder and bee pollen.


3. Powder medicine: Three-sided sealing, four-sided sealing and back sealing packaging of various powders such as western medicine powder, Chinese medicine powder and veterinary medicine powder.


4. Other powders: daily necessities powder, bleaching powder, disinfectant powder, washing powder, skin care product powder, facial mask powder, chemical powder, etc., which are packed with three sides and four sides and back seal.



7-2-plastic bag packaging machine

Process flow:


Automatic mixing by material mixer-automatic unloading to cache silo of spiral elevator (including vibration and overhead arch-breaking prevention device) - automatic lifting of materials by elevator (controlled by material level of metering screw silo) - automatic metering and filling by metering screw according to set weight - automatic bag making and molding by plastic pouch packaging machine (accessory devices such as punching, inserting angle and exhausting can be selected) - Packaging machine completes automatic sealing and cutting - finished product packaging.



Inspection and maintenance:


For some mechanical failures, it is necessary to check the working conditions of pulleys, gears, chains and other parts. For the mechanical failures of powder side seal machines, the most easily overlooked problem is screw looseness. Because the blanking, sealing and bag making of the small powder bagging machine are all completed by mutual cooperation step by step, the open circuit situation leads to the abnormal power supply of electrical appliances. It is necessary to test the circuit path of pouch packing machine automatic step by step. As far as short circuit is concerned, the general electrical design has a safety device, so it is necessary to find the real cause. Lubrication of gears is also essential, and only correct maintenance knowledge can reduce accidents.

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